Leaders in Bahrain Hospitality: Sheraton Bahrain GM Thomas Flindt

Tell us something personal, what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

On the strength side, I believe I am a great ‘talent-spotter’ and a good coach – on the weakness side, I’m often too impatient. Once we decided something, I want it to happen ‘pronto’, which is of course not always possible.


In a fiercely competitive market, how do you plan on remaining at the forefront of the hospitality game? What are your future plans for the hotel?

Since Marriott took over Starwood, one of the biggest challenges has been to revive Sheraton (the most global of all Marriotts 30 brands), a brand that was left unattended for a number of years. So in the coming years, you will see Sheratons globally (including Bahrain), work to implement the new brand. Basically transforming the lobbies into Community hubs, a new and re-invigorated rooms product, and an update to the logo of 82 years. Making Sheratons globally the local gathering points, as was the case.


What has been the biggest challenges and successes of the past year?

The steady challenge we face is the ups and downs in demand. The bigger events being held in Bahrain, the better for the hotel business. The constant addition of new hotels and residences keeps the entire market under pressure. For us the biggest challenge and the success was the project to move all our systems onto the Marriott platform, which was successfully completed by the end of October 2018.


Which part of Bahrain is your favourite and why?

Well – I live on Reef Island, and are really enjoying that area, close to everything, but without the traffic hustle and bustle. Beautiful place for walks around the island, and a view to the sea.