Knowing your ‘WHY’ in your life helps you thrive by Luna Hageali

What you focus on will grow in value so make sure it’s positive.  Accessing your personal power and your why in life is what creates “flow” or the optimum experience of life balance alignment. This will inspire you daily influencing a new and better self-concept. 


Your self-concept is a parcel of beliefs about yourself and all the elements of your life. Influenced by family, religion, social heredity, education and made up of three parts:

Self-Ideal: the image you have of the person you most would like to be. Being attracted to the qualities of a celebrity for example.  You’re a lot closer to these qualities than you realize.

Self-Image: The way you see and believe about yourself daily.

Self-esteem: This is how you feel about yourself.

You could have a positive or high self-concept about a sport your great at. On the flip side you could have a low or negative self-concept when it comes to cooking. The great news is you can influence a new healthier self-concept.


Find your “why” through rephrasing. Example: Your either say to people “I’m just a stay at home parent” OR “I’m raising 2 beautiful children to becoming positive and happy young adults. Everyone has value.  Knowing your “Why” in life is the difference between surviving or thriving.  Choose the right focus and it will lead you to a happier state of being no matter the situation. The next time you’re out meeting new people and they ask what you do in life give it the value it deserves by answering the below questions with purpose!


Connected to their life Purpose

  1. What is my name? Sarah
  2. What do I do? Prepare people to become successful in their careers.
  3. Who do I do it for? Professionals or anyone seeking to get into the job market
  4. What do they want from me? Confidence and knowledge to use their personal power in life.
  5. How do they change as a result? They become more influential in situations and reap good results.


Luna Hageali is a certified Management Developer with 20+ years global experience of working with organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.
Email: luna@mastermindsalign.com
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