HUAWEI releases the nova 3 with jam-packed specifications and innovative cameras

Bahrain Confidential has been able to get their hands on the HUAWEI nova 3, HUAWEI’s most recent released phone here in Bahrain.

Impressive Design

The slim device sports a 5.84 inch full HD+ 2.5D curved screen that gives crisp and detailed screen resolution. The screen has notches on top, a trend most phones are taking up now. The maximization of the size of it’s screen is perfect for watching movies or just looking at the pictures its incredible cameras take.

It runs Android 8.0 Oreo and has 4GB Ram and 64gb internal storage with expandable memory of up to 256GB. The ngerprint sensor sits at the back slightly beside the camera. HUAWEI shows their commitment to customers with their upcoming EMUI update that comes with GPU Turbo upgrade, an update that will improve CPU performance and battery consumption. HUAWEI gives the assurance that your device will continually be optimized.

It’s an incredibly packed phone for a midrange price, capable of smoothly running high performance apps and games.

Although its sleek look, price, processing power, or beautiful screen are enough on their own to warrant this phone special, the highlight is the amazing innovation HUAWEI has put in its camera.

AI Master

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – powered cameras is what makes this phone special. The HUAWEI nova 3 boasts 4 cameras – 24 MP + 2 MP dual AI selfie cameras on the front, and 24 MP + 16 MP rear dual cameras. The cameras are perfect for taking photographs of everything, from landscapes to selfie portraits. Its camera instantly recognizes more than 200 scenarios across eight categories including Blue Sky, Beach, Plants, Night, Stage, and Flower. Its camera automatically optimizes the the background for clarity and applies beautification to the subject of focus. Both cameras work simultaneously, the 24MP cam taking in the whole subject and background while the secondary syncs and enhances the background and subject more, allowing you to take the most detailed photographs.

The camera is nothing short of great for food reviews or events. It assures that there is focus on both the subject, either people or objects, and the background setting. A characteristic that’s perfect for capturing both that mouth-watering steak and the ambience the restaurant you’re at in one picture. Or at the party you’re planning to go to right now, take a picture of the people enjoying while having the DJ and the bar lights detailed at the background.

Selfie Superstar

Looking to the front camera, its specifications are not far from the main one. It’s portrait mode focuses to change the way portrait mode is used. Regular phones use a bokeh effect, focusing on the subject while blurring the background. This gives superior clarity on the subject but, unfortunately, leaves the background insignificant. With HUAWEI’s AI powered cameras, that is no longer a problem. You can now take incredibly crisp selfies without deprioritizing the stunning background you are in.

Taking selfies now shows off the stunning beach you went to last summer or the peaceful mountainside you went hiking at alongside your beautiful smile. Group selfies also take in everyone of your family or friends in detail, enjoying a relaxing lunch at that restaurant with impeccable interior design or just chilling and catching up at your favourite café. The HUAWEI nova 3 front cam will always get you the best of both worlds.

With its jam-packed specs and innovative camera, the HUAWEI nova 3 is going to be a consumer favorite considering its reasonable price. The final icing on the cake is that it comes in 4 different colors. Pick your preference from from Iris Purple, Airy Blue and Black., all having a dazzling light texture that gives the colors a water ripple effect. Photography enthusiasts or gaming individuals alike will definitely be satis ed with this superb phone’s performance.