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HV Holistic Health: How to get back into a routine?

This month HV are giving you tips on how to get back into a routine after summer.

Get your sleeping pattern right, by making sure that you set a specific time each night that you go to bed, and wake up. We recommend that the ideal time to sleep is between 10:30 pm and 6:30am. Sleep is so important for mental alertness during the day. 

Make sure that you organise your things for work the day before, and map out the direction of your day. Take 10 minutes to visualise your life goals, plan and schedule your breaks, and review your tasks. This will allow you to have a more manageable day, and plan more effectively in the future.

Eat balanced meals containing all the nutrients your body needs. Make sure that you have at least 2 servings of fruit, and 5 servings of vegetables. Food forms a big part of your routine, and can increase your mental and physical functioning.

Set small daily, weekly and monthly goals, and reward yourself for reaching them. These goals do not necessarily have to be about work, or family, but can also be about things you would like to do and achieve. Things like hobbies, socialising and connecting with your partner. Looking at events taking place in Bahrain might be a good place to start. 

A habit takes 60 days to stick, and therefore staying consistent in your routine for 2 months will most likely cause you to form lifelong habits of routine.

Make exercise part of your routine, whether it’s done in the morning, or evening. This allows you to stay rejuvenated and energised. It doesn’t have to be something intense. You could go for a walk, jog, cycle or swim. We recommend that you do at least 30-60 minutes of exercise for a minimum of 3 days a week.

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