HV Holistic: Combining fitness with friendship

Including your friends in your workout, could lead to better fitness results. HV Holistic explains.

Working out with a friend can be a lot more fun, and make an hour pass quicker than when you’re alone. But, there are also hidden benefits to sharing your training schedule.

  1. You’re more likely to remain dedicated. This applies both during the workout, and after.
  2. You can motivate each other, during the rest of the week. If you’re trying to stick to a diet plan, having someone that’s on the same page as you will really help – especially in social situations or the evenings when will power is at its lowest.
  3. You’ll become more competitive with yourself, and each other, when you can see progress
    Chose a friend who’s of a similar level of fitness to you, so that you’re going to be reasonably competitive with each other.
  4. You’ll often learn more. After all, two minds are better than one.
  5. Evidence shows you’ll skip fewer workouts. It’s hard not to show up when you know you’re letting someone else down, as well as yourself.
  6. Studies have shown that you’ll stick to a program for a longer period of time than if you train alone.
  7. You’ll be more consistent with the type and intensity of exercise that you participate in.
  8. After gruelling workouts, having someone that’s also suffering with a few aches and pains, can be a real support. Knowing that any DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), is normal, because your friend is feeling it too, can be beneficial to know you’re on the right track.

Of course, there are some things you should consider before committing to a workout partner.

  1. If one of you quits, you are both more likely to quit. Chose a partner that has a similar work ethic to you, and isn’t likely to come up with excuses about why they can’t attend sessions or stick to their diet plan.
  2. No two people are exactly alike, and as such, your workouts will always contain a certain amount of compromise. If you’re hiring a trainer, make sure it’s someone that understands how to efficiently train two people at once, so that one of you doesn’t get overlooked, or over/under worked.

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