The TREW Brew: New iced tea brand is now here in Bahrain

 Add an exciting flavor to your life with this new iced tea brand now available in Bahrain!

Epitome Distribution is jumping on a new trend with a new iced tea brand, TREW. TREW is a brand which specializes in flavored teas that are set to be the game changer on the island.

The inspiration behind the brand came from Epitome’s desire to continuously improve on the quality of products available in the local retail outlets and give consumers access to superior refreshing beverages that they would not have had access to before.

Adnan Gilitwala, of Epitome Restaurant and Coffee Shop Management says, “TREW is our own brand of beverage products that we hope will elevate the standard of beverage products in the market with unique, and novel items that consumers can enjoy.”

“We strive to ensure our products give consumers a pure natural refreshing feeling, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and taste”, Adnan added.

TREW focuses on items and flavors that break the mold when it comes to the general perception of a particular type of beverage. The range of products and the direction Epitome will be taking in developing its brand is what sets it apart from the rest.

The teas are ideal summer refreshers, offering flavors which are great to opt for before stepping out in the scorching heat. The brand currently has seven flavors available, four of which are sold individually; three more unique ones will be sold in a promotional pack. Enjoy TREW in its original flavor, Earl Grey, Grape, Lemon & Lime, Peach, Jasmine and Blackcurrant.

The brand believes in nurturing the authentic flavors, aroma and essence of the tea while ensuring that they are preserved in every pack.

TREW is already available in all the Lulu Hypermarket branches. It will be available in most, if not, all of the major supermarkets and hypermarkets in Bahrain. The brand has plans to launch in Saudi Arabia and other GCC markets by the end of the year.