Holistic Nutrition: Interview with Fitway Kitchen’s specialist Mohamed Sowar

When did you start your journey as a nutrition specialist?

Since 1998, I have been passionate in the field of bodybuilding and physics. Later on, I became interested in the basics of this sport as well as the scientific food tables. This led into my pursuit of learning sports nutrition and training formally. I have a track record of those I’ve trained and won since 2010, not only in bodybuilding and fitness but also in the field of rehabilitation of injuries and trainings for football players. I’ve also helped athletes during their period of physical preparation through food program guidance.

What makes you different from other specialists in Bahrain?

I provide a holistic approach as a specialist for different kinds of people. As I’ve said, not only do I train bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, I also coach runners, swimmers and other kinds of athletes. I supervise their nutrition and training programs.

If you could persuade people to change three things about their diet, what would they be?

The first thing that I’d change is their mindset. People need to understand that the system of dieting is harsh and without the basis of scientific standards, dieting will not work. Simply changing the food pattern without taking into account the need for certain nutrients and ingredients is not the proper way, which is why food programs are important.

In addition to accurate food programs, a person’s lifestyle should also be changed. A healthy lifestyle should be followed to ensure a good physical and mental state. This also prevents excessive weight gain resulting to chronic diseases and more.

Food alone does not come with the perfect result. Aside from taking in mind their calorie intake, they should also consider the right amount of workout for their body type.

Why should people choose Fitway Kitchen?

Simple answer – because Fitway Kitchen uses the best quality of produce to produce the best meal preps. This is an important factor to maintain the nutritional value of each meal when dieting. On top of the delicious and healthy food, Fitway Kitchen affordable price and a perfect delivery service.