Here’s what you need to know about cinema reopening in Bahrain!

Bahrain’s Health Ministry has issued a decision regarding health requirements that must be applied to cinemas to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

New requirements that must be applied to cinemas include the following: tickets must be booked in advance whenever possible, and separate entrances and exits are set, with organisers placed at the doors to ensure the entry and exit process of visitors, prevent crowding, and ensure the existence of social distancing distances.

Movie-goers and all workers must adhere to wearing a mask at all times and not to take it off except when eating or drinking.

The capacity of cinemas must be reduced by at least 50% of the total capacity and leaving two chairs between each group to ensure the required social distancing distance.

The requirements indicated the necessity of changing adequate supplies of personal hygiene supplies such as soap, hand sanitiser, tissue paper and garbage containers.

The decisions will be implemented from the first day of Eid.