Here are some tips to stay motivated during Ramadan

Working during Ramadan is rewarding, but it is not without difficulties. This is the time when we tend to grumble or feel uninspired. Here are some things you need to remember to avoid feeling unmotivated during Ramadan.

Consume an adequate suhoor meal

Remember, you don’t have to overeat when you are trying to break off fast during suhoor. Instead, eat a moderate portion because overeating will leave you exhausted and unenergised.

Caffeine should be avoided

Caffeine could help you feel alert on a regular basis, especially if you are sleepy. Caffeine, on the other hand, should be avoided during the fasting month because it can upset your stomach and make you sick.

Change your sleeping schedule

You must establish two sleep schedules: one at night and one during the day. If you have a terrible bedtime ritual late, you should break it. Fall asleep early because you will need to get up earlier than usual during Ramadan. After suhoor and morning prayer, the second schedule begins. It may be better if you do not continue napping because you may feel drowsy later.

Limit the amount of time you spend on social media

If you have to spend time on social media because of the nature of your job, like yours truly, make sure it does not cause a negative state of mind. Limit your time spent reading the news to when it is breaking. 

Bottom line from us!

So, there you have it –  the four tips for staying motivated at work while fasting. You are not required to choose just one. In fact, by combining any of them, you can increase the chances of success. Determine which ones work best for you and put them into practice.