Get to know the General and Resident Managers at The Art Hotel & Resort!

The Art Hotel & Resort in Amwaj is known for providing its guests with a luxurious and comfortable experience, surrounded by the crystal clear blue waters of Bahrain.

Just recently, we interviewed and got to know two of their valuable team members – Mr. Ramez Nemeh, the General Manager and Mr. Zaher El Kassir, the Resident Manager.

Mr. Ramez Nemeh

General Manager

Tell us a bit about yourself. What drew you to working for the hospitality industry?

It is easy to state that this started as a rational pursuit for a life profession, but it was not; I started my career in a totally different domain – a Technical Engineer working for a research center. That was not where I could find future for myself, the fulfillment I was seeking in life was in a completely different direction.

Working with people and for people led me to join the hospitality industry. I started with what I did best – engineering. Within a few years of progress, I decided to acquire the needed qualifications for hotel management, and there it was – my first GM opportunity that came from IHG in 1999.

What would you say are the main factors that make a great GM?

Greatness – if there is such an expression – comes from others’ acknowledgement of superior achievements, and in the hotel, a GM may only be described great when he is able to satisfy all of his diverse objectives: guest satisfaction, sustainable results, co-workers and naturally his/her employer.

Bahrain’s hospitality industry is very competitive what do you think sets The Art Hotel & Resort apart?

There is no doubt that Bahrain’s market is competitive, it is also sensitive for being highly dependent on external supply, and the pandemic helped amplify the challenge. It was an eye opener that came with a very valuable lesson.

All hoteliers claim to have the best product and services, and attempt to outperform competition by promotions or price wars. We focus on guests’ needs and on what our team delivers, not on competition.

Modern travelers are savvy and seek meaningful experiences, and we believe that reaching sustainable success relating to what we do to make us a preference – a customer’s choice.

In the meantime, we will make sure that The Art Hotel & Resort becomes much more dynamic following its recent rebranding, and that the new positioning develops towards an ego-free luxurious and welcoming brand. We are confident that the property’s remarkable features satisfy all potential business and leisure needs.

Leading such an important 5-star hotel requires much responsibility and devotion. How do you manage your personal life with many obligations at your job?

Keeping the balance has never been easy. Realising the value of having my family and personal life permanently on my agenda as other guests, made it possible for me throughout the years. Only by doing so did I reach the fulfillment I was seeking.

What’s your vision for the future of the hotel?

The pandemic came with valuable lessons – to tell all hoteliers that business is not as it was, and the formulas for success are no longer the same. Reaching sustainability within a fast-changing environment is almost impossible, though the supply and demand fundamentals, and the parameters to achieve customer loyalty remain constant.

Our mission is to ensure that we translate the hotel name into acts, demonstrating ART in everything we do, to guarantee maximizing our share of the supply, and to reach the best level of sustainability through diversity of business sources and guest loyalty. We are absolutely confident about the future.

Mr. Zaher El Kassir

Resident Manager

Tell us about your role as the Resident Manager of The Art Hotel & Resort. How are you finding it so far?

As the Resident Manager and previously Director of Business Development, my duties are almost the same, but with wider responsibilities.

I will continue to cover major areas of the hotel operations, develop and maintain business relationships with partners, revenue management, marketing and guest experience, while assisting the General Manager in maximizing results, customers satisfaction and operation efficiency.

With the support of The Art team, we will continue to successfully position the hotel to a higher level of hospitality and embrace the new vision and objectives to showcase The Art as the jewel of Bahrain hotels – fully featured for business and leisure, designed and furnished with quality and fine taste.

Have you noticed any change in consumer habits now that the COVID-19 situation is better in Bahrain?

The pandemic had a huge impact on the guest mindset. Their focus on hygiene and safety has increased, which has driven us to pay massive attention to compliance with all hygiene regulations for the safety of our guests and employees.

We have implemented new security and hygiene protocols to reassure guests of their wellbeing and help them feel safe. We have realigned our business to deal with current needs and desires, diversified our leisure features and digitalized our personalized interaction with guests to always be closer to them and ensure our promise of an unscripted guest experience at all times.

What are your main target markets and what can guests expect from the hotel?

Bahrain has a great potential to attract many markets, and being one of the main hotels in the Kingdom, we will contribute to maintaining the current feeder markets from GCC (mainly KSA), CIS, Europe and US.

We also aim to captivate new potential markets from around the globe by highlighting our unique features that represent the ideal benefits for leisure, business travelers and all type of MICE (Meeting, Incentive Travel, Conferences and Exhibitions).

The ART is attracting many international conferences and events interested in its ballroom space with its unique features, outdoor venues, elegant sea view rooms and VIP suites, wide range of food & beverage outlets along with exclusive recreational activities.

Our guests will experience a lively, refined and heartfelt experience with great value for money and unforgettable memories.

Describe The Art Hotel & Resort in one word.

ARTisfaction – we see and deliver ART in everything we do.