Food Review: LVB

LVB re-launches with a new Mediterranean garden area, custom cocktails, and amazing dishes!


After laying low for quite some time, La Vinoteca Barcelona or LVB, has re-launched with a blast as they transformed the old run-down car park into an awesome Spanish themed garden! Their new aesthetic is complete with Mediterranean tiles, large olive trees, and barrel-shaped seating areas. The garden comes off as an intimate cozy area while sleek modern tables and woody undertones dominate the restaurant’s inside.

Bahrain Confidential got to visit and enjoy the chill and electric vibe of the place, along with a full crowd of Tapas, wine, cocktails and Spanish music enthusiasts. The place is constantly serenaded by live band performances, or by the indubitably brilliant resident Spanish guitarist, Oscar. But the music, remarkable staff, and crazy good atmosphere are just the tip of the iceberg; the various dishes and cocktails present will keep you coming back.


LVB’s cocktail menu is an impressive array of new varied flavors and infusions. Try out in-house cocktails like LVB Spritz, Lemon Pie Cooler, Cucumber & Rocket Martini, and a lot more. Don’t fancy the classics? Feel free to ask the resident mixologist to make the drink you desire.

LVB also has a Tanqueray gin stand where you can create your own gin & tonic or choose from the in-house selections. By the way – this Gin stand is a really cool touch… it was one of the first things we noticed as we entered the garden!! You’ll get the chance to mix gin, a London drink, with choice Spanish elements of fruits, berries, and spices. Create a new personalised favourite you can enjoy alone or share with friends.


Vegan Menu

For vegans and health conscious individuals, LVB’s vegan menu has got you covered. They have a collection of vegan friendly sides like Bravas chips, mashed potatoes, grilled & steamed vegetables and such. The restaurant also has main course meals like the delicious Mushroom Paella that we tried and starters like Patatas Bravas, soft potatoes filled with spicy chili fillings, that are filled with flavor once in your mouth.

For dessert or a light-hearted snack, LVB offers summer fruits and pineapple coulis as a fruit salad.


Spanish Table

How could we forget their best sellers? LVB’s tapas selection is amazing and reasonably priced. It is loaded with options and we kid you not when we say that the taste is on par with some of the traditional Tapas we recently had in Marbella, Spain a few months back!

We tried the exceptional rib eye steak which can only be described as heavenly with its savoury juiciness further enhanced by an incredible peppercorn sauce. You also can never go wrong with Calamari, theirs was served with black lemon mayonnaise. The Chistorra, delicious Spanish chorizo braised in white wine and garlic, is not to be missed.

South-American grilled dishes like the Spatchcock Chicken and the Lobster and Gambas is also available. Exceptionally hungry? Or up to sharing with friends? LVB offers a whooping 1kg T-bone steak served sauce and your choice of side. We’d love to hear from people who finished it alone!


All in all, the place was a serenade of music, beautiful ambience, and a tableful of mind-blowing dishes. Be it an intimate date or the whole gang around the table, LVB has a spot you can fully enjoy your meal.

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