First Ever Children’s Waterpark in Bahrain

Premier Q’s managing director, Nabeel Rashidi, revealed the opening of the first water park (Oasis Splash Park) for children under the age of 12 in Lagoon Park, Amwaj Islands, at a cost of $2 million.

In line with this,  the Acting Director of Tourism Marketing and Exhibition Management of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority Ali Foulath said that the park is different and is designed for younger children, indicating that the goal is to create a tourist-attractive area for both tourists and Bahrainis.

He mentioned that the companies that contributed to the project include the Bahraini “Premier Q” Company for Sports and Recreation and the Canadian company “Fortex” specialized in water parks.

Rashidi added that this is the first project in partnership between the two companies, and it is the first of its kind globally, noting that the “Oasis” brand is a registered trademark globally.

The Oasis Splash Park, with an estimated total area of ​​1780 square meters, is the latest addition to family attractions in Bahrain and contains more than 30 different features of magic sprays, jet streams, fountains, and mists.

SOURCE: Albilad