Expat Clubs: 51 Great Things About Bahrain

#11 Expat Clubs

More than half the population in Bahrain is expatriate – residents on the island include British, Indian, Filipino, and Bangladeshi, among others. Generations of non-Bahrainis have lived on the island for decades adding to the island’s cultural vibrancy. To get a sense of home away from home, one can associate with the many expatriate clubs on the island.

Bahrain Rugby Football Club

Bahrain Rugby Football Club was established in 1971 as a section of the British Club and by 1974, it became an independent entity. It is a recreational and competitive sports club, with over 3,000 members today.

Indian Club

One of the oldest and largest clubs in the Kingdom, the Indian Club, Bahrain actively involves itself in charity fairs, and recreational and sporting events.

British Club

Founded in 1935 under the name “The Gymkhana Club”, The British Club is one of the oldest and most well-known on the island. In 1966, it changed its name to “The British Club” and allowed nationalities other than the British the right to join.

Filipino Club

The Filipino Club is a social, cultural, and sports organization for the Filipino community in Bahrain. It hosts several indoor and outdoor activities, gatherings, and charities.

Dilmun Club

Founded in 1974, the Dilmun Club is a family-oriented, sports and social club for the expat community in Bahrain. The club hosts a wide range of social gatherings as well as sporting and recreational activities.

Bahrain Yacht Club

The Bahrain Yacht Club was established in 1977. It is a family-friendly, watersports club that hosts regular events, activities, and training services.

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