Coronavirus Part 2: 5 life lessons we learned from the outbreak

1. Doctors and researchers need to be paid better

If this scary time has taught us anything, it’s that doctors and researchers will be the ones who get us out of this mess. They are the ones working day and night to drive the recovery of the world. At the moment, hundreds of scientists scramble to find a coronavirus treatment. We need to re-evaluate how much money Hollywood actors, pro-athletes and politicians make and instead pay scientist and doctors the salary they deserve.

2. Everyone should know how to cook

Staying home has forced many people to learn, re-learn or re-ignite their love for cooking. Learning how to cook is one of the most important skills a person can have. You depend on yourself. It teaches you self-sustainability and you save a lot of money. These days, hundreds of people sharing social media posts of their delicious meals. They are re-discovering the wonders of eating in. Knowing exactly what is in your food and feeling that sense of reward when you completely cook a meal on your own.

3. The importance of talking to friends every day

Now that we can’t go out and keep busy, the best way to combat loneliness is to be in regular contact with friends and family, by chatting over the phone or video chatting (if your country laws allow it). This is the time to have long talks and deep conversations. Don’t forget human connection during these crucial times. Call your grandma!

4. Learn to appreciate nature

If you live near a spacious outdoor are, like the desert or an empty road lined with trees and you realise it’s the only safe, surface-less space to take a walk in, then you begin to realise the beauty of nature. The point is not to remain indoors, but to avoid being in close contact with others. When you do leave your home, whether it is for a walk in the desert or a run on your street, make sure to wipe down any surfaces you come into contact with, avoid touching your face and frequently wash your hands.

5. Learn how to be content alone

It’s so hard for some people to just be still and do nothing. Being alone, especially for extroverts can be exhausting and lonely. Social distancing can be very difficult, but it can also teach you a lot about yourself. You learn how to keep yourself busy. Eventually binge watching three seasons of a TV show won’t be enough anymore, and will have to try doing something else. Your body and mind is your home and you have to learn how to love it and live with it.

Source: Arab News