Coronavirus: How to safely handle fruits, vegetables and meat

The internet has been a wonderful boon during times of self-isolation and social distancing, being a source of instant communication and unlimited entertainment. However, it has also fuelled certain myths when it comes to the coronavirus, especially in terms of consumption habits. In light of this, experts in the field of food safety management share some tips and ground rules to keep in mind.

Basic guidelines for handling food

According to Kaushal Sutaria, the managing director of MyEasyISO, a food management system automation software, there are four immediate things to keep in mind when handling food:

  1. Wash hands and surfaces often
  2. Separate foods from unclean surfaces to avoid risk of cross contamination
  3. Cook to the right temperature
  4. Refrigerate promptly and properly

He advises residents to disinfect surfaces more often than they would usually do, and ensure all utensils such as cutting boards, strainers and containers are cleaned and dried to avoid any cross contamination. Finally fruits and vegetables have to be washed thoroughly with running water to remove microorganisms on the surface

Debunking myths

A rumour that has been making the rounds is that consuming meat may possibly increase the chances of catching the virus. This is false information.  Since it is transmissible through person-to-person contact, it’s imperative that the person handling the meat is using following certain standards

After preparation

People must be equally careful when handling cooked food.

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