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Check out this collector’s museum in Riffa!


Masterpiece Museum ( holds a collection of over 500 signed items by global celebrities, souvenirs, and a variety of beautifully handmade creations by owner Hamad Alkoheji. The hand-crafted models are showcased in the museum reflecting his passion in different mediums of art and item collection.

Visitors will get an overwhelming sense of excitement and nostalgia upon walking into the museum especially those who appreciate the works of legendary celebrities and science fiction! Adding to the experience is the theme music of all our favourite shows and sci-fi movies playing in the background.

Apart from the large collection of autographs, the museum also holds vinyl records, cassette tapes, vhs, dvds, handmade models, books and limited edition items.

At the entrance, visitors will be welcomed with The K6 kiosk – Britain’s red telephone box which was designed in 1935 and the Andy Thornton vintage clock – currently the only ones in Bahrain!

Hamad aims to achieve a Guinness World Record for largest collection of hand-signed celebrity autographs. To date, there has not been any such record registered in the book. Based on the wide collection we’ve seen – this dream may not be too far from reality!

There’s also a collector’s store that serves coffee and sells items for you to take home!

The museum is open from Monday-Saturday (4-9PM) and Friday (4-10pm).Entrance tickets are sold at BD2.

Click here for location.

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