Bahrain People & Culture, ENTERTAINMENT, Features, OPINION - July 18, 2022

Check Out These Bahraini Photographers Who Made It to the MoMa Photo Club!


“Visa to New York got rejected but my work is out there” Last month, Ali Al Shehabi became the fifth and most recent Bahraini photographer to join the Museum of Modern Art’s Photo Club! His “Men of the Pearl” project captures Bahraini men in their households. “Pearl” refers to Bahrain which is fondly known as the pearl of the Gulf.

Al Shehabi joins a group of proud Bahraini talents whose pictures have made it to New York City’s Subways! This includes Ishaq Madan, Enas Sistani, Rasha Yousif and Mustafa AbdulHadi.

MoMa’s photo club is an initiative that highlights talented photographers around the world through their riveting captures! The images are displayed in New York subways, where daily travellers commute across the city.

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