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#BahrainBios: An Interview with DJ Sam Gino


Bahrain Confidential gets to know Bahrain-based British-Bulgarian DJ, Sam Gino

Invigorating the underground electronic music scene in Bahrain, Sam Gino (@samgino_) is passionate about bringing a unique and eclectic style to his work behind the decks. Inspired by alternative cultures, his music represents the multidimensional nature of underground music in Bahrain.

Sam is an interior designer by day and brings his creative perspectives to his professional work and music alike.

Tell us about yourself and what brought you to Bahrain

I am a British-Bulgarian electronic music DJ with a diversified taste between deep house, melodic techno, breakbeats, and afro rhythms. Born and raised in Eastern Europe, I am no stranger to alternative cultures.

Although my daytime occupation as an interior designer is what brought me to Bahrain initially, I was extremely fortunate to be able to dive into the Bahraini underground scene. I was given the platform to express myself while bringing something new and filling a niche not yet explored, although this has proven to be quite a challenge at times.

When were you first inspired by music?

My first inspiration came from my early teenage years while hanging out with older friends around the fire camp on a beach while they were playing funky, soulful house all night long. This sparked a fire in me and made me chase the rhythm that makes us all dance.

Since my debut behind the decks in 2016, I have always strived to finesse an unusual, yet familiar sound to the dancefloor. Having lived in London for 10 years, the constant merging between past and future inspires my appreciation for the multidimensional nature of underground electronic music.

I was immersed in the London underground nightlife and got fascinated by the drive and passion of the cultural life the city has to offer. Connecting with quirky people, exploring unusual places, and new wave sub-genres helped me develop an eclectic taste and a key to my success.

Tell us about your creative process – from an idea to the final result

I draw inspiration from dark analogue electronica, acid beats, and ethnic synth lines merged with pulsating high-energy melodic percussions. My sound has evolved into an eclectic and well-composed distinctive plethora of emotions. I aim to celebrate the wonderfully weird by bringing the unconventional to everyone on the dance floor.

I have always liked mixing creative chaos with pragmatism – being organized definitely helps, as creativity is often quite taxing and demanding. I would like to approach a project from a few angles simultaneously and filter through ideas until I find what really works for me. I use the same approach as I use while designing – clashing ideas and taking out the unnecessary until I can deliver a polished and completed product.

Having said that, spontaneous sets and events have always had a special place in my heart, where no preparation was ever done. They let me reveal my multifaceted nature as an artist best. My versatile nature lets me go back to back with most fellow DJs, which always ends up being extraordinarily fun for both the crowd and ourselves.

What’s your favourite venue/location you’ve played at so far and why?

If I had to pick one venue in Bahrain that would definitely be Calexico. I love its industrial aesthetics but at the same time, its laid-back environment, awesome sound system and a crowd that any artist would wish for. Its heritage of bringing local and international artists reassures good set-up and quality service.

What are some upcoming projects you’re excited about?

I’ve recently teamed up with INFRARED, the founder of Project Void, in order to push the monthly event Euphoria to new levels with each edition by bringing what I’ve learned over the many years of travelling and raving back to what I currently call home.

We aim to lift the underground electronic music scene in Bahrain as a whole by challenging every aspect of the events we put forward.

Our next event is on August 12th, at Calexico Bahrain and I couldn’t be more excited about it as I will get to close the event with a spectacular set.

Apart from that, I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to help the team behind Soundscapes Zanzibar organize their last event and I hope I will continue to do so in the future. This has been a profound experience and has taught me so much about the scene from a different perspective.

I’m also proud to be a regular guest at the Melodia On-Time monthly gig, happening in a secret room in Shoreditch, London – a very exciting quirky small scale event bringing the best from the Mediterranean sounds.

My weekly show on Ibiza Underground Radio is every Friday 4:00 PM CET time (5:00 PM local time).

I will keep the rest a secret for now, but stay tuned for more exciting projects!

What do you do outside of music?

I consider myself a professional within the interior architecture and design sphere. My work is inspired by the quote “Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity.” by Christopher Zeeman, giving me another edge of mixing while pushing my creative abilities even further.

Apart from creative fields, I also enjoy extreme sports like kitesurfing, which help me clear my mind and refocus on the tasks at hand.

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