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#BahrainBios: Getting to Know Rawad Alameh AKA Rudii


Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, Rawad Alameh AKA Rudii has been an international artist, DJ, and Record Producer in Electronic Music for over 22 years. In pursuit of destinations that boast a happening musical life, Rudii made his way to Bahrain where he can be found behind the decks at different locations, the new lounge in Adliya, ORO being one of them. We got in touch with Rudii recently to learn a little more about the Bahrain-based DJ!

When were you first inspired by music?

I’ve been passionate about music since I was a kid. It all started when I saw DJ “Tiesto”  perform on stage in Lebanon. The way he mixed and engaged with the crowd was fascinating to see! It was like going journeying through musical insanity. It was him and his music that inspired me, giving me something that I’ve been searching for.

Tell us about your journey as an artist and music producer. What have been some of your biggest highlights?

It started with parties in small lounges and clubs in Beirut until I began producing my own music. My first solo track – “Everything Has Changed” was played across radio stations in Beirut and I was receiving bookings to play at more established and popular locations in the city as well as in the region – Dubai, Qatar, and Oman. I was able to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the electronic music space such as Paul Van Dyke, Tiesto, Bob Sinclare, Clapton, Don Diablo, and Nora En Pure.

Following the success of my singles and official remixes, I was signed by labels like Maniana Records, Road Story Records and, Sensoria Records.

I then decided to host a show on the air – Deepness Radio, which went viral and was broadcasted on Radio Marbella (Spain) and Electra FM (Mexico). which it goes viral and broadcasted by radio Marbella – Spain and Electra Fm – Mexico. My version of S-House – Love Tonight was #1 for an entire week on Radio Marbella! ]ht” it was number 1 for one straight week on Radio Marbella – Spain.

What’s your favourite venue/location you’ve played at so far and why? (focus on 1 Bahraini venue and 1 outside, if any).

I’ve played at several luxurious lounges in Bahrain and in my opinion, each place has its own identity and unique crowd. Every lounge I’ve performed in has given me a different experience. Take ORO, for example – the newly opened lounge in Adliya has the perfect Oriental Organic House vibes to compliment my production style.

What are some upcoming projects you’re excited about?

Well, at the moment, I am working on a new solo album including 5 new tracks, and I am so excited to announce a piece of exclusive news just for you, Bahrain Confidential! One of the tracks featured in the album is a version of a classical symphony for “William Orbit – Adagio For Strings” and it’s going to be released soon.

Apart from music, what do you enjoy doing in Bahrain?

I like visiting resorts in Bahrain – they have great beaches and views of the sunset for some peace of mind. I also like exploring places of historical importance around Bahrain that reflect the culture and traditions of the Kingdom.

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