Bahrain Summer Festival 2020 Continues its Second Week

The 12th edition of the Bahrain Summer Festival is in its second week, hosting a variety of activities such as a performance to be held in front of a live audience at the Arad Fort in Muharraq on August 13, 2020 at 7:00pm. The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities seeks to provide a multitude of cultural experiences for all their fans, with public safety being a top priority. The general public is allowed to attend this performance although all must adhere to the precautionary and preventive measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Audiences will be able to watch the performance from their cars and tune in via the 98.4 FM radio frequency. All attendees will have to adhere to the vehicle distances specified by the organizers; they may not leave their vehicle for any reason; a mask must be worn inside the car when communicating with one of the organizers; and each car should not exceed the 4 person limit. The Authority calls on attendees to *not gather after the performance* and to cooperate with organizers in managing the flow of traffic when entering the site, and to follow their instructions upon their exit.

Cendrawasih Dance

The performance will be broadcast live on Bahrain TV, and on the 98.4 FM and 95 FM radio frequencies. Later on, it will be broadcast on the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities’ social media channels, @culturebah and @ bahrainsummerfestival.

During its second week, the Bahrain Summer Festival fans will have many Internet-based events and shows to look forward to. On August 13, the festival will present a concert by the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Russia, held in cooperation with the Russian Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain. On August 14, the Cendrawasih Dance will be broadcasted, held in cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy.  

As for workshops, these will include the Linocut — How to Create Patterns and the Pottery Restoration initiatives on August 11. On August 12, the festival will broadcast its String Art workshop.

Regarding live cooking, friends of the Bahrain Summer Festival have a date scheduled with Chef Bassam Al-Alawi on August 15 as he will prepare simple recipes connecting Bahrain’s culinary culture to Spain’s. As for the storytelling events, enjoy the Shamsa and Sushi story written by Norah A-Nohman, to be narrated by Eman Alghawas on August 13. Held in cooperation with the Super Soccer Act, the Bahrain Summer Festival will teach children basic football skills on August 15. 

Youth Symphony Orchestra of Russia

To find out details about these activities and more, follow the festival’s channels on social media at @Nakhoolbah. Full details on the activities and entire program of the Bahrain Summer Festival can be found on the www.bahrainsummer.bh website.

For more information about the Bahrain Summer Festival and its ongoings, visit the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities website, www.culture.gov.bh, or browse the Authority’s platforms on social media at @culturebah.