The Ministry of Health has announced the referral of citizens from quarantine centres to self-isolation at home in accordance with resolution no. 25 for the year of 2020.

The resolution sets out home self-isolation health regulations that suspected and active coronavirus (COVID-19) patients are obliged to follow.

The ministry stressed that all those who are ordered to self-isolate are required to sign a self-isolation declaration form and adhere to home self-isolation guidelines for a minimum of two weeks.

These measures include downloading the “BeAware” app and wearing an electronic bracelet to enable expedited public health management. The ministry reiterated that these public health procedures have been established to ensure the safety of patients and the community.

The ministry noted that citizens who have been relocated to home self-isolation include returnees to Bahrain from abroad.

It added that contacts of active cases are already being referred to home self-isolation for two weeks. Patients who have recovered from COVID-19 are obliged to self-isolate at home for a period of 4 weeks, and are tested regularly to ensure they have completely recovered from the virus.

Individuals may book a COVID-19 test via the “BeAware” app after the home self-isolation period has ended, and can proceed to the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center on the appointment date provided.


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