All public school teachers, administrators to be tested in Bahrain

The education and health ministries have launched a massive campaign to conduct coronavirus (COVID-19) tests for all public school administrators, teachers and technicians.

The tests at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Conference Center are being held according to a specific schedule and should be completed before the start of the academic year.

Public school staff were scheduled to resume their duties on September 6, but the date has been postponed to September 20 to allow for COVID-19 tests following the spike in the number of cases in the country.

The ministry on Tuesday said that starting Wednesday, specific dates will be sent to each public school staff for the obligatory COVID-19 tests.

The assignment of dates and timings will help ensure a smooth flow of the medical tests and avoiding long queues and overcrowding.

The ministry called on all staff to respect the dates that will be sent to them in short text messages.