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A Glimpse of Paris in Bahrain at The Ritz-Carlton’s Charming Pop-up


Bahrain Confidential explores the flavours of France served at Go Bistro, The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain’s latest pop-up concept.

The Parisian bistro scene is quite popular for a simple reason – they offer the comfort of a casual, homely atmosphere where classic French recipes can be enjoyed. Offering a peak into the charming dining culture on the island is The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain’s latest pop-up concept, Go Bistro.

We had the pleasure of visiting the pop-up, which opened its doors this May. Overlooking the beach, surrounded by white sands and a gentle breeze, the vibe transports you to a quintessential Parisian bistro. The staff welcomed us with a plateful of baguettes and mushroom cakes (that surprised us with their savoury flavours).

The pop-up restaurant offers “Cuisine de Maison” or “Comfort Home Cooking” with each ingredient creating a fusion of different tastes. We learned that the dishes at Go Bistro constantly evolve; combinations switch, new sauces are introduced, and ingredients are played around with. The team prides itself on being consistent when it comes to change.

The mind behind the incredible menu, Chef Alexis Knecht from Alsace France, believes that food narrates the best stories when traditional preparations are combined with local flavours. “Finding the best of both worlds is what excites us in the kitchen. It’s the reason why we keep innovating and discovering new flavours for the guests to enjoy,” he said.

When the Grilled Octopus Salad was served, Chef Alexis, with his passion for storytelling, informed us that the fresh octopus was brought from Spain (grilled to create a crispy exterior and a soft core) while the very juicy tomatoes originated in Bahrain. Accompanying the salad was the smooth, buttery Foie Gras served along with a perfectly baked Brioche.

The rather lavish Lobster Thermidor was plated majestically, with spinach leaves and creamy mushrooms – each bite bursting with a rich taste. The side of Mussels a la Provençale was a promising addition to the very filling main course.

We will let you in on a secret! Ask the very friendly staff about the delicious Fondue Bourguignon. This off-the-menu dish is a must-try preparation by Chef Alexis and his team, featuring cubed steak pinned into a fondue pot with boiling beef bouillon. From Amarillo Chili and Pesto to Truffle Mushroom, there are several sauces to add that extra flavour while savouring your plate full of beef along with a green salad and a side of potato fries.

Just when we thought we could eat no more, a soft, appetizing-looking San Sebastian Cheesecake landed in front of us, accompanied by a generous serving of Profiteroles Royale. It was impossible to resist a spoonful of these decadent desserts.

We highly recommend taking this journey through the charming world of French bistros and the comfort of the delicious cuisine. Go Bistro creates a magical experience, one that we will be going back for next time. The pop-up is open until September of this year.

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