10 Interesting Things to Do at Home to Keep You Entertained

With the current outbreak of coronavirus, many people are choosing to stay home and avoid meeting people. Social distancing is an effective way to help slow down the transmission of the virus in communities.

But staying at home doesn’t have to be boring, and we’re here to help! We’ve come up with a list of activities you can indulge in during this time, which will help keep you (and the children) entertained…

1. Clear the clutter:

Activities you can try at home

Is there a storage cupboard that needs cleaning? Do you need to sort your wardrobe? Is the kitchen cabinet a mess? This weekend, take some time to clear the cluttered spaces in your home. Organise what you need and the things you can do away with and ‘Marie Kondo’ your home. If you live with family (or a roommate), you can get other members involved, assign tasks and get the job done!

2. Read a book:

Activities you can try at home

Our daily hustle and bustle often leaves us with less room to do the things we like and enjoy. You can take this opportunity to catch up on some reading. With the advancement of technology, everything is at the click of a button. You can read a book online or order one from your nearest book shop, whichever you prefer.

3. Catch up on sleep:

Sleep deprived

Most people complain about not getting enough sleep during a work week. From shuttling between the daily nine to five to meeting up with friends or spending time with family after, one often compromises on a good eight-hours of sleep. Sleep is important to keep healthy and build immunity, and with the current pandemic, it is essential you get some snoozes in, and relax.

4. Make a long-distance call:

Activities you can try at home

If you live away from family or have been meaning to catch up with a long-distance friend, do it! Chances are, they are probably social distancing too and could use the company.

5. Cook something new: 

Activities you can try at home

Use the ingredients you have on hand and try a new recipe. You can perfect your favourite pasta dish or try making a dish from another cuisine. The perks? If it turns out well, you get to eat it!

6. Movie binge: 

Activities you can try at home

Whichever video streaming platform you use to catch up on movies, prepare a list of films that have more than one sequel and binge watch them all. Make yourself some microwavable popcorn and you won’t even miss going to the cinema.

7. Meditate:

Activities you can try at home

With time on your hands, take out a few minutes in the day to meditate. If you don’t know how to, YouTube comes in handy. There are plenty of videos and tutorials that take you, step by step, through the process of meditation. If you enjoy it, it could become a daily habit.

8. Write a journal:

Activities you can try at home

Journal writing is considered to be therapeutic. Maintaining a journal helps people organise their thoughts, keep track of daily activities, and note down important events. Write down what you manage to accomplish in the day or the things you are grateful for. It could be a page or a few points, but note down the activities you get up to doing in the day. This activity can be fun for children as well. They should be encouraged to maintain a personal journal, which they can decorate and fill in daily.

9. Arts and Crafts:

Activities you can try at home

Brighten up your day with an arts and crafts session with paraphernalia like paper, coloured pens, cardboard boxes and other materials lying around at home or available at the nearest supermarket. From do-it-your self-boxes, quirky bookmarks, to mindful colouring pages for children and adults, there’s a lot one can do with the help of the internet.

10. Grow plants:

Activities you can try at home

Do you have a green thumb? Find out. Grow a few small, easy-to-maintain plants like sprouts and herbs. If you already have a plant garden, check up on your plants. Make sure they are getting enough water and sunlight. This activity could be very educational for young children who can learn more about the anatomy of plants and the process of germination. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards!