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10 Group Activities You Can Experience with Your Squad in Bahrain


On World Friendship Day, the sun shines a little brighter, and laughter fills the air as friends come together to celebrate the bond that unites them. With each activity, a new chapter of adventure unfolds, and the bonds of friendship grow stronger with every shared experience.

With the landscapes of Bahrain as a playground and the moments shared as the highlights of adventure, we bring to you a list of activities to try out on this day. Weave a tale of cherished memories with these activities, specially curated to celebrate the joy of camaraderie!

Have a Karting Showdown

Image credits: Bahrain International Karting Circuit

Rev up the excitement with adrenaline-pumping go-karting races. Challenge your friends to thrilling races and experience the joy of a friendly competition as you zoom around hairpin bends and race towards an everlasting friendship.

📍Bahrain International Karting Circuit 📍Trax Indoor Karting Circuit

Visit the Tree of Life

Image Credits: Hasan Almajed

A majestic mesquite tree standing tall in the heart of the desert, defying the harsh climate for years! Symbolising resilience and endurance, this natural wonder offers the perfect setting to gather with friends and celebrate unity in the face of challenges.

Take a Road Trip Through the King Fahd Causeway 

Photo Credits: theeraumdeuter

Buckle your seats and set off on a long drive across the King Fahd Causeway! Apply for a Saudi Visa and make your way through the water.

Sea, Sand, Sun and Fun

Image Credits: Beach Culture

Experience beachside euphoria with your gang! Sunbathe under the warm sun and dive into the waves together. You can one-up by checking out some water sports on this island!

📍Beach Culture📍Island Activities 📍Kashta Tours

Defy Gravity with Indoor Skydiving

Image Credits: Gravity

Do you and your squad have a thing for adrenaline? Cross-off skydiving from your bucket list with Indoor Skydiving! Experience the thrill of flight without setting off the ground. As you float effortlessly on a cushion of air, the exhilaration binds you and your friends together. 

📍Gravity Indoor Skydiving

The Great Escape: Friendship Edition

Image Credits: The Great Escape Challenge

Enter a realm of mystery, where teamwork and wits combine in exhilarating escape rooms. As the clock ticks and your pulse quickens, your camaraderie will be pushed to its limits, but fear not, for united, you hold the key to unlocking a victorious escape!

📍Escape Code📍Escape Room Bahrain

Unleash Your Creativity 

Image Credits: Mosaic House Bahrain

Discover the artist within and let creativity be the canvas of your friendship. Mould a pot of your choice or paint on a canvas, where strokes of friendship blend with colours of imagination. It is more than just art. It’s about expressing emotions, relaxing, sharing experiences, and leaving your mark on the world. 

📍Studio Ceramics📍Al Jasra Handicrafts📍Mosaic House

Saddle Up for Adventure

Image Credits: Mustafa AbdulHadi

Gallop through land and water while discovering a new adventure – horse riding!

📍Island Activities 📍Kashta Tours📍Ghazwan Equestrian Centre

Arcade Mania

Image Credits: City Centre Bahrain

Rediscover the childlike wonder while engaging in hours of arcade fun! From classic to modern games, the arcade becomes a haven of nostalgia and friendly rivalry. Challenge your friends in epic battles and relish the experience.

📍Magic Planet, City Centre

Brunch Away!

Image Credits: The One

As the sun sets, the celebration doesn’t stop! Groove to the beats at Bahrain’s trendiest nightclubs. The pulsating beats and infectious melodies create a backdrop as you dance like nobody’s watching. Let the rhythm of the music and the electric ambiance amplify your exhilarating day. 

📍La Med at The Ritz-Carlton📍Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay📍Hilton Bahrain📍Baharat Restaurant at Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain 📍Silk’s Restaurant at Movenpick Bahrain 📍Sofitel Bahrain 📍Baharat Restaurant at Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain

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