World Chocolate Day: Enjoy Crafty Treats at These 10 Spots in Bahrain!

Whether enjoyed as a decadent treat, a comforting indulgence, or an exquisite delicacy, chocolate has a way of satisfying our cravings and creating moments of pure bliss. This year, celebrate World Chocolate Day with some of Bahrain’s finest chocolatiers! 

We’ve curated a list of chocolate havens that we believe you must try and take your taste buds on a decadent adventure!

ChocoLAB at The Merchant House

Image Credits: The Merchant House

Indulge in some exceptional artisanal flavours of Chocolate at ChocoLAB! Crafted from sustainably sourced cacao beans, their bean-to-bar creations are delightful. ChocoLAB is a partnership between The Merchant House and Auro Chocolate. We recommend their fondues!

The Merchant House, Manama: 12 Noon to 8 PM

Creolate Chocolatier

Image Credits: Creolate Chocolatier

If you want to experience premium flavours, stunning presentations and pure chocolate bliss, Creolate Chocolatier is the place to go! 

Contact: 36992700 (WhatsApp)
Saturday – Thursday: 10 AM to 9 PM
Friday: 1 PM to 9 PM

Gardens of Chocolate Cafe

Image Credits: Gardens of Chocolate Cafe

Gardens of Chocolate Cafe is your destination, especially if you prefer cake delights. From dipped-in-chocolate treats to molten surprises, every bite transports you to chocolaty bliss!

Order on WhatsApp: 38288999


Image Credits: Leaves

A place where artistry meets indulgence, Leaves Chocolates brings to you meticulously handcrafted chocolates.

Riffa | Seef: 10 PM to 8 PM
Contact: 32328882 | 17599055

Maya La Chocolaterie

Image Credits: Maya La Chocolaterie

Their signature chocolate fondant, a velvety masterpiece paired perfectly with creamy vanilla ice cream, will leave you craving more!

Riffa: 3 PM to 10 PM
Contact: 39204222


Image Credits: Läderach

If you desire the ultimate Swiss chocolate experience, look no further than Läderach! It is an absolute must-visit for chocolate connoisseurs.

Visit their website or contact them at 38818080.

Le Chocolat

Image Credits: Le Chocolat

From chocolate delights to mouthwatering cakes and international cuisine, experience a Parisian-inspired ambiance at Le Chocolat!

Contact: 66622110 (WhatsApp)


Image Credits: Ivy

With a perfect blend of exquisite chocolates and beautiful florals, visit Ivy to get the best of both worlds. 

Saturday – Thursday: 10 AM to 10 PM
Friday: 1 PM to 10 PM
Al Aali Mall: 17179493 | Riffa 17179417


Image Credits: LalaBella

Satisfy the chocolate connoisseur in you and indulge in LalaBella’s premium creations. Their bespoke floral arrangements and gifts add the perfect touch for your day! 

Muharraq: ‎‏77011114 | AlHamala: 17741111‎‏‎‏ | Moda Mall: 17471111

Bateel Bahrain

Image Credits: Bateel Bahrain

Experience the irresistible chocolate-covered dates at Bateel, where indulgence meets perfection.

AlAali | City Centre | Duty-Free
Contact: 39911222 (WhatsApp)