What should you do when the passion’s gone?

There’s nothing scarier than losing your enthusiasm of performing a certain hobby for once in your life.

As a student who has joined several art competitions in Bahrain before, I have also experienced the loss of passion and drive, specifically in the field of arts. I was able to reach the borderline of losing the real purpose turning my thoughts into something tangible and visible; I felt like everything is done not for the passion itself, but because of the deadline or external stress.

Hence, I would like to share some of the symptoms of loss of passion and enthusiasm and how I was able to overcome the psychological beating by asking you some questions:

  1. Does everything feel like work and repetitive?  
    1. Passion became a daily routine and creativity became an option. When you’ve lost all the enthusiasm, creating something new becomes a difficult task due to monotony caused by repetitive work. Find a new source of artistic inspiration to reignite the creativity within you!
  2. Are you trying to produce too much even if it means overloading your mental plate?
    1. Here’s the thing, we are still humans and we are not programmed to perform and squeeze out our abilities around-the-clock. Noticing that you’ve reached the maximum time that you dedicate for your passion is enough to tell you that you need to slow down and enjoy your talents instead of overextending your capabilities.
  3. Do you feel like you become dragged by external pressure?
    1. We always seem to fall on expectations or what is ideal which cause us to feel exhausted and reflect on our self-worth hence, affecting our enthusiasm. Try to reconnect with people who see the true value of what you do instead of what they want to see. Besides, at the end of the day, passion is what you do for yourself not for anyone else.

After years of taking a break from the arts and upon reflection with these questions, I was able to reignite the fire and get back on track. Currently, I have been joining art exhibits with hopes of learning from fellow artists as well as to share my God-given talent.

Carmella is a college student at the University of Bahrain who has keen interest in sports, arts, and science and is a core member of Mabuhay Paddlers Dragon Boat Team. | mariacarmellasolido@gmail.com
Contact number: +973 3407 4409