How to have a wealthy work and life balance by Luna Hageali

Are you experiencing feelings of UN-Resourcefulness in your work and personal life?

Are you extremely hard on yourself? Feeling low in your mood and heaviness, experiencing body aches, low energy, sadness and elevation of anger and frequencies? Is there a lack of interest in doing more for yourself? Does your focus seem to always be to work harder, try harder even when it seems your working yourself into the ground? Does it seem nothing is working out at work and in your personal life as more clashes and errors occur? Things not going your way lately?

Here it comes: Suddenly you catch a cold or virus and you call in sick. Its bed rest for the day or days for you! Congratulations you have subconsciously curated a maladaptive stress overload pulling ever so far away from the dream situation of having true WORK LIFE BALANCE. Its as if your finger is on the replay button as you seem to find yourself in this situation over and over again.

Work Life Balance AND Regrets of Never Achieving WLB are among the top scores for employee’s satisfaction polls. Timing is everything when it comes to achieving the right formula suited to the landscape of your work and personal life regardless of the conditions. 

The cost for not actioning preventative choice decisions about how you regulate your personal power and energy is simply BURN OUT. This leads to other health ailments and even serious illnesses.

Perceive Work life balance as a dance you practice daily. Balancing the daily choices presented to you, managing the timing of things including your own and others expectations, then ensuring you have some tools available to provide releases, and then of course to know to fill back in and replenish yourself thus getting into your own Alignment. Your Alignment is your power board and the very foundation for maintaining your ability to be a wealthy work life balancer. 

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Luna Hageali is a certified Management Developer with 20+ years global experience of working with organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.
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