Versace Releases Eyewear In Tribute to Gianni’s Archive

When Donatella Versace presented her Spring 2018 collection, designed in tribute to her late brother Gianni, the internet was set aflame.

Starring a line-up of the original supers, reprisals of archive Versace designs and a soundtrack that paid homage to “his risk-taking, his innovative genius, and above all his allegiance to women,” it was a remarkable celebration of that iconic Versace allure – one which was translated into suitably glamorous sunglasses.

“When I designed the Tribute collection I also thought about the accessories,” explains Donatella. “Not only bags and shoes, but the eyewear as the perfect complement to each look.” So, girls swathed in silken scarves bearing baroque graphics had matching sunglasses; the tropical Trésor de la Mer print, resplendent with corals and shells and pearls, was applied to swimsuits and eyewear alike. “These prints were the starting point to create the collection, and the element that I used to pay homage to the work of my brother,” continues Donatella. “They complete the look and give an instant aura of mystery and seduction to any woman wearing them.” Mystery, seduction and glamour in one single accessory, on shelves now – what more could you want for the summer? Say it with us: Versace, Versace, Versace.

Originally published on Vogue.co.uk