Traveling with kids after the global pandemic: What will change?

By Victor Downie

We can say that the Covid-19 pandemic brought travel to a standstill, with borders closed and stay-at-home policies implemented. Now that the world is slowly opening up, the industry sees a glimpse of hope. Travel enthusiasts, including families with children, are eager to make up for the lost year.

However, it is evident that the pandemic revolutionized travel and it is likely not to return to its pre-pandemic state any time soon. Nevertheless, with improving testing protocols and vaccines in place, it is safe to predict that the ease of traveling will soon be restored. There are some precautions to pay attention to though, especially if traveling with kids.

Here are four aspects that you should keep in mind before traveling with kids in the post-pandemic era:

There will be a rise in conscious traveling

We have witnessed businesses shutting down, downsizing and many suffering after losing their jobs due to the pandemic. With no knowledge on how long the pandemic would go on, people suddenly had to be cautious of what they spent their money on.

In addition, Covid-19 has taken a toll on people with preexisting conditions. This has raised health concerns, especially for their family.

Post-pandemic, most will still be conscious of how they spend their money – travel expenses not spared. With the need to spend less, traveling for social and gram purposes will be a thing of the past.

People will be more likely to choose destinations that are meaningful for them. They will settle on trips that are worthy of risking their children’s and their own health. Additionally, health consciousness will lead to more people thinking of wellness tourism.

Private transport will be preferred

Even after the pandemic, the fear of contracting the virus will linger. People will be very keen to observe the laid down guidelines in order to protect their families from the virus.

We can expect people to still be wearing masks, wiping down surfaces, and sanitizing when traveling and teaching their kids to do the same. Most importantly, travelers will be cautious about letting their children mingle with strangers, which will have most people choose to use private means of transportation.

When traveling to a foreign city, renting a car to travel with family is the best bet to avoid crowded bus and railway stations. However, you would need an international driver’s permit if you want to drive around in a foreign land. Make sure that you apply for one before traveling.

Domestic travel will be on the rise

The lockdown period made us appreciate the freedom of travel. Staying indoors for most of 2020 made us wish to travel even just locally.

Post-pandemic, most people will appreciate what sights closer home have to offer. They will take their kids to destinations in their own countries and see it in a new light because, more than ever before, there will be a new kind of attention paid to local travels.

Besides, in case a lockdown has to be implemented, most people would rather be in their home country with their family than stuck in a foreign country. This also remains a reason why most people will prefer domestic travel to taking a trip abroad.

Booking through agents will increase

Pre-pandemic, people shied away from booking through agents to save on commissions. However, the severity of the virus has taught people that knowledge is power. It is important that travelers, especially when traveling with kids, are aware of the situation at their destinations.

Travel agents will remain a trusted source for most travelers. Their knowledge coupled with the extensive networks will see most people shift to booking with them post-pandemic.

In conclusion, the Covid-19 pandemic might have temporarily changed the face of travel, but it made many realize how important travel is. It also made people become more cautious when travelling with family.