These three cultural projects will be launched in Saudi Arabia!

The Saudi King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture and the Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture started a partnership to launch three cultural projects in Saudi Arabia, local media reported.

The partnership represents an important collective of expertise, unlocking new possibilities via a groundbreaking conference set to broaden global understanding of Islamic architecture.

The projects are dedicated to promoting the architectural, academic and cultural significance of mosques and Islamic architecture.

The first project to be launched with a conference titled “Mosque: Innovation in Object, Form and Function”, which is set to be held from November 23-25 next year. The second project involves the launch of a new international traveling exhibition examining the culture of mosques, while the third one will detail the research and publication of content related to the conference proceedings and the exhibition.

The two entities are inviting architects, designers, researchers, curators, authors, poets and historians to submit their research proposals, scientific papers and academic research, with a focus on mosque architecture, for the 2021 conference. The three-day conference aims to support the study of the art, history and architecture of the mosque both within the Kingdom and abroad, as well as connect participants with programs and initiatives in the field.

The deadline for submissions is December 28, 2020.

The conference will focus on architectural forms and design elements as well as objects used in and around mosques such as lamps, windows, furniture, carpets, pulpits and calligraphy. The goal of the conference is to expand the cultural lens beyond conventional academic structure by including design, fine craft, art and other approaches, with creativity and innovation among the selection criteria for submissions.