The Bahrain Guide: Cultural Activities in Bahrain this November 2019

Discover a range of art and cultural activities this November on the island!

Sound & Light Show
Date: Starting 1st November (Every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) at 6PM/7PM
Venue: Bahrain Fort

An interactive and moving audio visual experience which takes the audience through a guided journey from the present into the past, and back.

5 P.M. at Bab
Date: 7th, 14th, 28th November
Venue: Bab Al Bahrain

The weekly activity “Five P.M. at Bab” returns once again for the second year in the heart of Bab Al-Bahrain, offering visitors in the area diverse cultural activities that represent the dynamics of the venue and its historical value, while targeting different age groups through the designated space, which is dedicated to practice creativity in its various forms.

Beyond Silence Exhibit
Date: 3rd to 15th November, 10AM-6PM
Venue: Bahrain National Museum

Sudanese artist, Dr. Rashid Diab, carries the obsession of an artist and the questions of a curious mind, both of which are only satisfied by color, form and shadow. His secrets and his identity rely in colors, and he is very realistic as far as he is abstract and emotional and flowing like the river Nile, which is his main inspiration.

Swan Lake GALA
Date: 12th November, 8PM
Venue: Bahrain National Theatre

In celebration of the Bahrain National Theatre’s opening anniversary, prominent dancers from the world-known Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre will be performing the revolutionary ballet piece Swan Lake in a frontline gala.

The Dolls of Japan Exhibit
Date: 1st to 13th November, 10AM-6PM
Venue: Bahrain National Museum

Known as the “Kingdom of Dolls”, Japan enjoys a rich culture of dolls. Each doll has its own distinct meaning and purpose, and is deeply connected to daily life. This exhibition features a distinguished selection of fine dolls including traditional performing arts, regional dolls and creative dolls.

Abdullah Yousif – A Retrospective
Date: Starting 13th November, 8AM-8PM
Venue: The Art Centre

An exhibition to celebrate Bahraini artist Abdullah Yousif, by highlighting major milestones in his career starting with visual arts and how it leads to the world of theatre, how the life on stage took him to television and how radio came to complete the circle.

Music of Poetry
Date: 1st to 16th November (Saturdays only), 10AM
Venue: AlKhalifiyah Library

The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities is organizing a specialized course on the music of poetry, which aims to introduce participants to the principles of poetry writing in Arabic and its rhymes. This will provide the participant with the tools to practice poetry solely through hearing, turning ideas into poems and writing poems according to the correct Arabic weights. This course will be conducted in Arabic.

Woodcut Printing Workshop
Date: 17th to 19th November, 4PM-7PM
Venue: Art Centre

In collaboration with Jehan Saleh Printmaking Studio, the Art Centre is hosting a Woodcut Printing Workshop. Throughout this workshop, participants will learn about the skills of wood engraving, printmaking, and inking techniques. All materials and refreshments will be included over the three days where participants will be able to create their own artwork.

In Their Eyes Exhibit
Date: Starting 27th November, 4PM-8PM
Venue: Al Hidaya AlKhalifiya School

This exhibition tells a story of how eyes translate beauty into creativity. How strong, achievement oriented personalities can detect the details of the everyday, and how these details manifest visually. In a brief dialogue, as brief as their busy lives allow, Sh. Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa and Sh. Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa share their passion in faces, scenes and stories.