A Taste of Japan … in Seef

Le Chocolat, Seef launches a selection of house-made Sushi by Chef Divya Rai


Sweet Salmon Rolls 5

Le Chocolat is a first class Café and a Gourmet restaurant in the Kingdom that serves French cuisine food, more than 30 artistic desserts, and delectable blends of drinks. The menu, which contains everything you might fancy has gone from strength to strength! This July, Le Chocolat, Seef is launching a selection of house-made Sushi created by their well trained Sushi Chef Divya Rai.

 Le Chocolat Seef will bring the vibrant colours, flavours and textures of Traditional Japanese cuisine while still providing an elegant ambiance. Experience the taste of Japan in a sophisticated and cosmopolitan setting.

 “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy SUSHI, which is kind of like the same thing!”

Inari Ebi Suhi Rolls 2


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