Tarte Is Launching Mermaid Makeup Brushes to Match Its Mermaid Eye Shadow Palette

Tarte Cosmetics is about to come splashing through your summer makeup goals with the release of the most magical mermaid makeup brushes to accompany its mermaid eye shadow palette. When Tarte released its Be A Mermaid and Make Waves Eyeshadow Palette — aka the mother of all mermaid makeup — into the wild earlier this month, we thought the Ariel-approved trend couldn’t get any better. But that was just a taste, apparently.

In November, Tarte teased an entire mermaid makeup collection complete with tons of glitter, a tailfin eyelash curler, and what looked to be a pretty pink mermaid brush set (which we know from other mermaid brushes, are Instagram favorites). Now, we’re finally getting a closer look at the next item in the collection and it’s even better than that time Ariel got her legs.

As Trendmood1 reports, there is indeed a set of mermaid brushes included in the collection and it will soon be swimming into your shopping cart — tailfins and all — along with the Make Waves Eyeshadow palette at Sephora and at tartecosmetics.com. The set of five brushes appears to include a foundation brush, concealer brush, blush and bronzer brush, lip brush, and shadow brush — all clad in metallic teal, violet, and pink.

Here’s hoping the full mermaid collection will be making waves in your makeup bag in time for summer. Take a look at them up-close in this Instagram post from Tarte: