Small steps to improve your life by Luna Hageali

Small actionable steps…

A few small steps will improve your life and strengthen your emotional immunity for life’s little surprises which come your way.  Where to begin?  Start by giving yourself the right focused attention.  Try this for 28 days…

Wake up an hour earlier each day. According to personal mastery guru Brian Tracey, doing this helps you rewire your brain to give you the attention you need to reset yourself for the day ahead.  I’ve tried and tested this and it works.

Wake up early: Make yourself your first priority of each day: Wake up 1 hour earlier before the rest of the household. Call this time whatever you like make it fun; ME Time,

Meditate: After you have done the basic morning bathroom routine go sit in silence with your eyes closed for 10 minutes focusing on this breathing method: 4—7—8. Breathe 4 seconds in through your nose, HOLD for 7 seconds and breathe OUT for 8 seconds. Focus on breathing and you will quickly feel energized.

Reflect: Spend 10-15 minutes writing in a journal using gut feelings and not your mind. Gut feelings are things which come up as a result of having a free mind which happens during meditating.  Keep breathing deep in an uninterrupted loop as you do this.

Positive Self Talk: Make a personal declaration such as “Today is my day.”  This sets your brain up for the day ahead with positivity.

Physical Exercise: Perform some stretching or basic Yoga practice for 20 minutes to create flow in your body.

Plan: Take 15 minutes to plan what your day is meant to be like and what is required to accomplish the goals for the day ahead. Doing so will make you feel stronger and prepared to achieve the day ahead. Also plan to have 2 liters of water to drink during the day which adds to energy and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. Include this as part of the days plan.

Luna Hageali is a certified Management Developer with 20+ years global experience of working with organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.
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