This Simple Shower Hack Is Trending on Pinterest Right Now

Who knows why something on Pinterest suddenly takes off and gets pinned over and over by thousands of users? The ideas aren’t always advisable — please, please, please, don’t set your makeup with hairspray or add the contents of a glowstick to your nail polish — but sometimes something strikes the masses as brilliant and everyone and their mother has the Pin of the Moment on one of their boards. Luckily, the latest must-pin beauty idea is actually a really good one and it will have you running to the nearest garden center — or Australia.

NewBeauty reports that pins recommending hanging eucalyptus in the shower have been up a whopping 317 percent year over year on Pinterest. And it’s not just because it looks pretty. Eucalyptus is a self-care treasure trove.

“Eucalyptus trees give off a wonderfully refreshing and clean aroma, and the oil from the eucalyptus leaves has many health and wellness benefits,” Bella Schneider, CEO and founder of LaBelle Day Spas & Salons, tells Allure. And those benefits can be drawn out by the steam from your shower’s hot water. “Hanging some fresh branches in the shower creates a mini at-home spa experience in your shower and can give you that extra boost when you’re feeling sluggish in the morning.”


The pin above links to a Gardenista post that recommends bundling “a few boughs of fragrant eucalyptus into a bath bouquet — also known as a tussie-mussie — to hang from the shower head arm.” Just be sure the eucalyptus doesn’t hang in the way of the water stream so you can get the most aromatherapeutic benefits.


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