Trending - July 8, 2022

Purchase Floral Arrangements Made by Individuals Living With Down Syndrome


In a heartwarming campaign that aims to encourage inclusivity, the YOU app is supporting individuals living with Down Syndrome. The e-commerce app’s latest campaign is bringing awareness to the genetic condition causing mild to severe physical and developmental problems. Each year, 3,000 to 5,000 children are born with this chromosome disorder (source).

The platform is selling unique floral arrangements created by individuals living with Down Syndrome. This limited-time sale will support the Down Syndrome Care Center in Bahrain.  

Dr Adel Hubail, CEO of YOU app said, “We aim to provide these individuals with a platform to develop their vocational skills and display their creative abilities. Bahrain has a diverse community and we are proud to always show solidarity with the community in our initiatives.”

“Furthermore, this truly reflects YOU app’s values as we continue to support our local community and initiatives that we feel passionately about.” Dr Hubail added. 

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