Outdoor dining will resume on September 3 – make sure restaurants are following these measures!

Here are the health and safety measures that restaurants and coffee shops will need to follow once they reopen in September!

As restaurants and coffee shops resume their operations in September, the health ministry released some guidelines in which these establishments can protect their employees, customers and the community. Here are some of the important safety measures you’ll need to know.

These guidelines and measures may change, so please check the Ministry of Health’s website regularly for updates.

Temperature Checks

Temperature checks are mandatory for the staff and customers before entering the premises. Anyone who has a temperature of 37.5°C or higher, will not be allowed to enter. Those who exhibit any symptoms associated with COVID-19 will also be asked to leave the premises; authorities will be called.

Advance Reservations

Restaurants and coffee shops must encourage advance reservations. Entry for guests without reservations may be allowed, provided that social distancing guidelines will still be met.

Contact Details

Contact information of all guests will be recorded and kept for 30 days from the date of reservation.

2-Meter Distance

There must be a 2-meter distance between the edge of tables and in all four directions; permitting only 50% of the table’s capacity to be used, with a maximum of 5 customers per table.

For private events, a maximum of 20 people per group are allowed. Furthermore, only one reservation may be hosted at any time.

Waiting Outside

Guests must wait outside the premises until they can be seated.

Single Use Items

Shared condiments must be removed from tables and served in single-use sachets and tins. Only pre-wrapped disposable cutlery, straws, stir sticks, chopsticks or toothpicks can be provided to customers.

Electronic Payments

Customers are encouraged to used electronic and contactless payments to lessen the risk of spreading the virus.

Apart from the above, check if these items are available inside the restaurant:

  • At least 70% alcohol-based sanitizers
  • Paper napkins
  • Reusable table cloths, placemats and table napkins
  • Increased number of trash bins and frequency of trash pickup
  • Staff and customers with face masks at all times (except when eating/drinking)