A Moroccan Explosion at Genwa

Bahrain Confidential visits Genwa for an authentic Moroccan experience.

The first thing we have to address when talking about this Moroccan lounge is the way it looks. Just like all of Gallery 21’s beautiful outlets, the Genwa Moroccan Lounge is an artistic masterpiece. Today’s popular cafés and eateries often follow a minimalist approach but Genwa has adopted the left-field and it absolutely works.

With vivid reds and oranges, deep purples and striking blues adorning the walls and furniture, elegant light fixtures, the vibrant throw pillows, the tinted windows and the highlight – the abstract paintings and portraits of famous celebrities in the Arab world. It is an explosion of colors and yet the place manages to give off this cozy and warm vibe.

The seating arrangements are also done keeping that comfortable and intimate ambiance in mind. You either have tables for two or for a closely knit group setting. Placed for engaging and captivating conversations to take place.

I assure you more than half of the conversation you’d have at Genwa would consist of you talking about the décor.

The menu at Genwa maintains that Moroccan authenticity more than ever. The thing about Morocco’s cuisine is its origins are intricate in the country’s extensive history. So the menu is an elaborate one as well, there’s so much to choose from. From mixed grills to fluffy couscous to delightful tagines to beautiful mezzes to kebabs and the list goes on and on.

If you’re stumped in picking what to choose, you can just ask one of the friendly staff to recommend something for you. There’s no chance they’ll go wrong because everything on the menu is wonderful. Each dish is distinctive but they all have one thing in common and that is the flavor bomb. Explosions are part of the theme I suppose. Each dish has layers of flavor you’ll discover with each bite. 

The Shisha and beverages available at Genwa are also fantastic. There are 17 flavors of Shisha to choose from ranging from your classic flavors like Double apple to special Shisha like the watermelon & mint combo. From the beverages, The Summer Bee mocktail receives our high praise for sure.

Craving for an authentic Moroccan experience, Genwa is the place to go.

 For more information, Call + 973 1771 1600 or send an email to reservation@gallery21bahrain.com