Metallic Party Makeup: A Luxury Guide

Go high-shine with your beauty look this festive season

When well executed, metallic make-up can make your look feel expensive with little effort. Chic sheens can brighten eyes, make lips rich and inject festive glamour into any look whether minimalist or maximalist in style.

This season silver made its return to the catwalks, gracing the eyes of models bringing the ’90s trend back with some grown-up glamour. Elsewhere, bold lacquered lips with metal-shine spoke of female empowerment and in line with the high-shine theme glossy hair oozed luxury.

To inspire us to try the festive trend we turned to makeup visionary Andrew Gallimore, Nars‘ UK make-up artist ambassador; and London’s most in-demand hairstylist Larry King who together created these looks for Bazaar. Whether you’re a lips person, eyes person – or both, here’s how to wear high shine make-up for the season, with the party hair to match.

Lacquered Lips And Luxe Lips

Party Look

Richard Wakefield

Gallimore explains that sheens and shines literally reflect the holiday season, and look perfect at parties. “This year, switch glossy lips for a metallic mouth,” he suggests. “Try the Nars Holiday Power matte Lip Luster which will give your lips a modern dimension and definition.”

To create this super luxe glamorous blow-dry, King styled soft shiny waves using the new Dyson Airwrap tool. “I used my Volumizing Hair Mist to wet roots and blow-dried the hair wavy using the Dyson Airwrap before gently brushing out the curls, finishing with a smooth of A Social Life For Your Hair.” Shop the look below.

Bright Eyes And Big Hair

Silver Eye Makeup

Richard Wakefield

“You see a lot of metallic trends for the winter months, and gold is so prevalent, so I think silver makes for a cooler alternative,” Gallimore says. “Here I used a wash of the Nars Single Eyeshadow in Banquise over the eye area. You can use fingers to press the platinum onto the eyelid area, then a clean brush to dissipate the product outwards to create a seamless blend.”

Lips And Eyes…Bold

Metallic Makeup

Richard Wakefield

For this high-octane look, Gallimore applied the same silver shadow wet with a liner brush, stroked close along the lash line, then winged outwards to create a futuristic flick – “a fresh, festive alternative to black”. Pair with red lacquered lips if you’re feeling bold.

The textured wet look is the catwalk hairstyle of the season, though it can be a tricky trend to wear, King explains. “The best way to achieve this texture in real life is to blow-dry the hair straight and add a little A Social Life For Your Hair as it dries, applying more and more as you go. Lastly, use the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to add in some texture and separation. Pin it with grips behind the ears and fix with some hairspray.”

Lips And Eyes…Subtle

Metallic Lips And Eyes

For a subtle take on the metallic trend try a silver highlight with your power lip, simply applying metallic shadow to the inner corner of the eye. “Perfect for those who don’t want to wear a lot of eye makeup, this helps to brighten and widen the eyes, opening up the eye area,” Gallimore notes. “Add a dab with your pinky finger, it’s more effective if a touch catches on the lower line of the inner corner.”

Model, Thais Martins at Models 1; photography by Richard Wakefield; videography by Rise; makeup by Andrew Gallimore using Nars Cosmetics; hair by Larry King; beauty direction by Bridget March; styling by Amy de Klerk; motion graphics by Ana Davila. With thanks to Kettner’s Townhouse.