How to manage stress by Robyn Law

Many of us waste unnecessary time dealing with the after-effects of bad stress in our life.

In some instances, good stress is healthy for us, and can get us moving in the intended direction of our dreams, but if you’re often feeling; maxed out, tired, angry, low motivation, aches and pains, low energy, then chances are you need to re-evaluate life and how you currently do it before it gets the better of you.

Years ago in London, while at a dinner, I was sat next to a freelance photographer. He shared with me a story about an elderly Buddhist monk he had befriended at Heathrow airport whilst they both waited to board a flight to New York. Curious to learn why a Buddhist monk was going to such an urban place like Manhattan, he struck up a conversation. The monk said he’d been invited to participate in a research project on his alarmingly good health at such a ripe old age.

The photographer asked the monk, why did he think he had lived so long, and so healthfully.

The monk suggested he thought it was due to a life lived free or low in stress. His life philosophy that nothing was off limits, but anything to excess or intoxication was not ideal. Therefore, if he enjoyed one cigarette and the act of having only one reduced his stress levels, then it was beneficial to his overall health and wellbeing.

The photographer offered to take some headshots of the monk in Central Park as a gift and when the photographs were ready for delivery, he tried to contact the monk to make necessary arrangements. Sadly, the monk’s had passed away according to his travel companion. He’d speculated the monk had died, due to his environmental stress, whilst staying in New York City.

Here are suggestions to reduce or eliminate your own stress levels:

  • Create space in your schedule
  • Manage your environment
  • Prioritise sleep
  • Reduce or eliminate multitasking
  • Be active
  • Have fun
  • Get rid of the need for perfection
  • Be of service to others (especially those in need)

Robyn Law  is an Australian living in the Middle East, raising her family abroad. Passionate about self-transformation and living “her best life!” Find her at  robynjlaw.com www.robynjlaw.com