Lella Beya by Beya Somrani

When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue a career as a designer.

Enticed by fashion, Beya showed a keen interest in fashion, and sketching fashion designs since her young age. She always wanted to pursue a career in fashion and haute couture industry. In 2012, she has her roadmap for taking that idea and turning it into reality. Finally, she launched ‘Lella Beya’ label same year.

How have your cultural roots influenced your designs and collections?

The influence of the Tunisian and Mediterranean culture in Beya Design is quite strong. She has always wanted to infuse her Collections with a warm and shiny Mediterranean touch. She belongs to the new generation of young Tunisian artists that are influenced with the rich cultural heritage of the country and the succeeding civilizations: Among these cultures were the Carthaginian, Roman, Arab, Andalusian, Turkish, and French.

Tell us more about your latest collection, where did you draw the inspiration for this?

The collection is a modern take on the evocative Andalusia Era with medley of textures and high quality fabrics, silk and embroideries. It’s about modernizing and refreshing the luxury of the medieval Andalusia Era. Beya created her collection using chic floral patterns and ornate embroideries mixed with pastel shades and bright colors. This collection makes any woman wearing them look glamorous and confident.

What makes Beya Somrani stand out?

Beya Somrani is characterized through her sensitivity in her use of fabrics, texture, colors and her architectural design language, she believes in creating innovative fashion that is completely personalized and that represent the woman personality, ambitions and desire.

Each piece of Beya’s collection has been individually designed, hand-crafted and perfected in her in-house atelier to deliver their signature quality. From couture-inspired techniques to luxurious heritage fabrics, every BS garment has a story to tell.

What’s your favourite place in Bahrain and why?

As an architect I am fascinated by some old authentic and traditional courtyard houses in the old city of Muharraq. The old houses have a sense of simplicity, and awe-inspiring infinity. with their old-style building materials such as coral stones palm leaf trunks, carved wooden doors, and perforated gypsum panels. I see on these houses the authentic aspects of Bahrain’s Architectural heritage.

Beya Somrani is an Architect holding an Architect Degree from Carthage University. Born and bred in Tunis, Tunisia – Her obvious talent for illustration, design and Fashion opened doors for her, to establish her brand ‘Lella Beya’.

Currently, her studio and production is located in Tunis and she is working on establishing her Brand in Bahrain and GCC. Asides from her brand, she also works as a collaborative designer for other brands.