How to start making deliberate choices by Jyoti Bablani

Do you find that life seems to be running on autopilot? 

A lot of us are raised to function that way.

Our Parents or guardians provided structure to our life, with good intention, to teach us morals and suitable habits in order to sail seamlessly through life.

‘Just do as you are told’, or ‘because I said so’ was what we were told.

Choices or freedom may have been limited. More importantly, however, is the present. Do you still continue to do what you think others expect you should do?

When we are taught to make decisions, we learn to take responsibility for the outcome of our deliberate choices, thus learning self-reliance, leaving no room for playing the blame game with anyone else for how our life turns out.

Making deliberate choices is like exercising a mental muscle, engaging in a quest to discover what choices leave you feeling empowered and in control; versus debilitating ones that leave you feeling disempowered. The more DELIBERATE the choice the more powerful you feel.

Choices that enhance the quality of your life and leave you with a feeling of ecstatic exuberance.  Start small, like choosing what will nourish your body, to eat and drink, or what to watch or listen to, how to spend your time, and with whom, and build trust in your capacities to make life a joyful journey.

A quick way to learn how to make choices that contribute to your ideal vision of life, is to tune into your body. Our bodies have a very intelligent way of communicating with us. Next time you make a choice, check in with your body, and notice, whether it feels Light or Heavy (one simple tool from Access Consciousness) – if it feels LIGHT (expansive at the heart center) the outcome will be positive, HEAVY (constricted at the heart center) the outcome will be the opposite. Give it a try and share your experience with me on Instagram at insightstherapybh.

Banish the feeling of helplessness and take charge or your life, Now!

Jyoti Bablani is a UK Registered Psychotherapist practicing MINDBODY therapies @ Insights Therapy Center, Bahrain. For more information, check her bio at