How talabat mart is changing the face of grocery shopping in Bahrain

The Covid-19 pandemic started a wave of innovations and when it comes to app innovations, talabat is at the forefront. The delivery app recently launched their quick commerce concept, talabat mart, which aims to deliver groceries to customers in under 30 minutes.

For many shoppers in Bahrain, the demand for an easy and enjoyable grocery shopping experience has never been higher. Today, we are sharing the top reasons why you should consider talabat mart when ordering groceries!

Ease of use

All you need only a few taps away on your phone! Ordering through talabat mart makes it easy to search for what you want without the hassle of pushing a heavy shopping cart. Your favourite products is also just a search away; no need to run through every aisle to find it. Ready to check out? You don’t have to wait on long lines, just a click and your groceries will be delivered right to your doorstep.


The fact is that not everyone has the time to buy groceries. Getting to the store, pushing a cart, finding what you need, and lining up for checkout is time consuming. Order through talabat mart and have your groceries with you whenever it’s convenient. Don’t stress about the commute and head straight home to your family after work.

Product Variety

You can also plan your meals while you shop through talabat mart! Because of the app’s user-friendly design, all the groceries you plan to buy are laid out nicely which means it can also be easily adjusted.

Buying on a budget? Check the products currently on promotion and monitor the final price of your cart before checkout. Be aware of the expenses while you add and remove products you need and want.


Buying groceries is usually associated with family time and the pandemic has changed that. Today, family time is best spent indoors together. talabat mart helps you make sure your family stays home, risk-free. Contactless delivery guarantees your groceries interact with the least amount of people as possible. There will be family time outside soon but for now there are safer ways for families to bond at the comfort of their homes.

Accuracy and fast delivery

Keep track of your groceries in real time! talabat mart shows the timeline and current activity of the rider, keeping you aware of where and when you can expect your groceries to come. Your groceries will arrive within 20 minutes or less anywhere in Bahrain! You can also check the app or call the rider for clarifications and updates.