Hira Malik: Compassion Costs Nothing

A few days back, I was heading home from the mall, when suddenly a random lady came near, and said ‘I just wanted to say that you dress looks very pretty’. While it was the smallest conversation ever, it took me totally by surprise and I was literally beaming with happiness on my way back home.

This little happening led me to think- how often do we take a few minutes out to compliment people? How difficult is it to reach out to someone and say something nice?

In today’s world, every single person is fighting a battle. We are continuously struggling for one thing or the other and our lifestyle is more demanding than any of our ancestors’. Every person is so busy streamlining stuff and making the best of the little time available, that we sometimes completely forget about the little joys of life.

A little compliment, a humble advice, a helping hand and even a look of empathy- as simple as these little gestures sound, their impact is always huge. While you have no idea who really needs your words, you also don’t know how far they will go. A few words of a stranger in a mall, not only made my day but also made me wonder, why have I never thought of doing the same? If we dislike something, we generally spare no moment in showing it through our actions and expressions, sometime also with our words. Why can’t this work the other way round?

How many times have you seen and admired people in your heart? Their courage, their determinations, their sense of style or the efforts they put in their work? How about reaching them out and putting your thoughts into words? Trust me the unanticipated kind words are always the best, and the good that you send out would surely come back to you, in the most unexpected ways. Try it once, it’s addictive- and totally worth it!

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