Where to go – Great Walks of Bahrain

Here are some great walks we recommend. 

1. Bahrain Fort

Where: Karbabad
Contact: +973 1756 7172
Cool factor: probably the most-photographed place in Bahrain

bahrain fort

Bahrain Fort has mystery, drama, and possibly one of the best sunset views in the Kingdom. Easily one of the most popular sites in the Kingdom, its also a place where you can get a good walk. Once the capital of Dilmun civilization, the fort is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort is said to stand like a “sentinel” near Manama, the capital of Bahrain. Just one of the many romantic stories about the place.

2. Water Garden 

Where: Zinj
Cool factor: one of Bahrain’s best-kept secrets

water garden

The Water Garden is Bahrain’s enchanting addition to its loads of attractions. A great place for a walk, photoshoot, or for kids to enjoy themselves; its certainly worth a visit. Of walking distance from downtown Manama, it’s nice to go if you want a change of pace. The water themed garden has an airy, distracted look; as if plucked from a distant locale and placed right here in Zinj.

3. Al Nakheel Highway

Where: Al Nakheel
Cool factor: where you can get a glimpse of Bahrain’s old culture

al nakheel highway

Connecting a number of villages on the Northwest Coast of Bahrain, Al Nakheel Bahrain still looks and feels very much like an old town. Great for sight-seeing or if you want to observe local culture and traditions by buying from the local sellers, popping in at local bakeries, or eating from local restaurants. You will probably also see horse and donkey riders on your walk.

4. Coastal Muharraq

Where: Muharraq
Cool factor: picturesque fishermen’s huts that dot the coastline

coastal Muharraq

The coast of Muharraq is home to many charming scenes like the one above. The huts are where fishermen gather to rest and rejuvenate after a hard day’s work. It’s also where pearl divers check their catch from the hunting dives. If you are so inclined, you can ask them to take you up on their boat to see how it’s done. Alternatively, there are many local tours that offer pearl diving adventures.

5. Al Andalus Gardens

Where: Salmaniya|
Cool factor: one of the best laid out parks in Bahrain

Al Andalus Gardens

Many families go to Andalus Gardens to have a picnic, play, or take photoshoots. Fitness buffs go here to exercise, take a jog, or walk their dogs. At any given day, you will find Andalus Gardens a hive of activity, with anything from a photo session to a practice for a major show, or an informal meeting outside of work.

6. Royal Camel Farm 

Where: Al Janabiyah
Contact: +973 3550 1425
Cool factor: riding a camel

royal camel farm

In the Royal Camel farm, there are about 500 camels in various pens. So if you want to know more about the so-called “ship of the desert” this is your chance to get up close and personal with the hardy steed. You can opt to have your photo taken, or go for a short ride. In addition, they also sell camel milk at the premises. Great for a family outing.

7. Al Azizia Birds Kingdom 

Where: Rd. 5815, Amwaj
Contact: +973 1603 0597
Cool factor: go here if you want to see all sorts of birds

al azizia birds

Bahraini businessman Abdulaziz Jassim Kanoo created Al Azizia Birds Kingdom to house his own personal collection of birds! The Kingdom boasts of 70 different species and over 500 birds in a massive, carefully controlled ecosystem, including several critically endangered species; this is a nerdy day out for kids as well as adults.

8. Pearling Trail

Where: Muharraq
Cool factor: UNESCO World Heritage Site


This famous trail consists of several houses, a stretch of shoreline, and a museum that depicts and immortalizes the pearling industry of Bahrain. Most of the houses are only open in the early morning so be sure to get an early start to maximize the experience. The Bin Matar House, part of the pearling trail also houses some cool art exhibits and a cafe.

9. Asry Beach

Where: Muharraq
Cool factor: one of the more popular beaches in Bahrain

asry beach

This stretch of beach is a great place to relax, walk, or go for a swim. Its also suitable for kids since the swimming area is surrounded. In addition, the view is spectacular so is of particular interest to photo buffs. It’s also great for a picnic as a moonlight BBQ on the beach is incredibly chill and romantic.

10. Al Malkiyah Beach

Where: western coast of Bahrain
Cool factor: popular public beach

al malkiyah beach

Last on our list of great places to walk in Bahrain is Al Malkiyah Beach. Located on the western coast of Bahrain, this is a great spot for walking, swimming, picnics, and even boating. Ask the local fishermen to give you a small boat tour at a minimal price. You may even grill and/or have a BBQ here.

What is your favourite walk in Bahrain?


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