Finding new homes for our furry friends in Bahrain

Almost 6 months have elapsed now since our eponymous founder sadly made his way over the rainbow bridge.

Those few who managed to traverse some muddy Waters and stepped up to continue his good work wish to thank wholeheartedly everyone in Bahrain and beyond who has helped keep the dream alive. Our commitment to finding new homes for the animals in our care is off to a great start.

The mighty ducks we once had have taken flight are now happily quacking in a bigger pond. Our menagerie of budgies and exotic birds are likewise now chirping and cheaping elsewhere in Bahrain. To date over 30 dogs and cats have either found their forever homes or a generous sponsor to contribute towards their care.

In recent months the surge in volunteer numbers has been overwhelming. Special thanks to those of the US Navy whose selfless dedication, warmth and generosity is emblematic of the very highest ideals of the Armed Forces. Our volunteer run boutique second hand store is now open 7 days and operating from new premises in Saar.

The many donations received from both the public and local businesses has been astounding. We have installed 3 vital new kennels with a further 10 in the works. Essential repairs and maintenance to old and failing infrastructure has also been completed upgrading large sections of the centre to a more modern design.

Over the years we have been extremely fortunate to receive regular donations of food from local pet stores and some very generous citizens. Their steadfast devotion to our cause continues to amaze. There is no word of thanks in all the tongues of men profound enough to express our reverence for and best wishes to the local veterinarian practices who collectively support our daily motions better than Atlas ever could. The Dogfather himself may now be gone but shall never be forgotten, his spirit endures permeating every nook and cranny of the animal shelter that was his life’s work.

As always all are welcome to visit us at the weekend from 9-12 should you wish to volunteer, sponsor or adopt one of our animals as your own.

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