Feeling Clucky? Bahrain’s newest gastronomical attraction Lucky Clucks is here!

Having launched last month, Lucky Clucks is now the go-to place for amazing yet affordable food in Bahrain.

The restaurant only serves the highest quality, fresh never frozen 100% Halal chicken from Saudi. The brand’s hipster, fun, and family-like environment will capture your heart.

Although Bahrain is brimming with numerous restaurants, it is still a big challenge to find gourmet-tasting food for cheap that is why we were overly eager to try this new place at Seef Mall. Lucky Clucks is a fast-casual and wallet-friendly restaurant. This restaurant concept is a blend of fast food with casual dining; fast casual offers the ease and convenience of fast food but with a more inviting sit-down atmosphere. In contrast to fast food chains, Lucky Clucks features a more upscale and diverse menu selection while offering freshly-prepared and high quality meals delivered instantly. Customers order off a menu selection, then sit down and enjoy their meal in a leisurely fashion.

Upon entering the restaurant, we immediately felt the international aesthetic of the place. Decked in vibrant colours, the place is very chic while the red and black interior also adds up to its cool ambiance.


Let’s get down to what we really came here for: the food. Lucky Clucks has a superior menu line-up; the mouth-watering salads, the chicken bites, and tenders complemented with 14 homemade sauces, sandwiches, the creative sides with surprising flavor combinations.

For starters, we sampled the Roasted Beetroot salad which is composed of fresh mixed greens, beetroot, sliced almonds, topped with feta cheese and eggplant chips tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. One thing we’ve noticed is the generous portions of each dish especially the salad, which can be shared by two or more people (and it’s only BD1.5!).


The chicken is moist and tender, a far cry from the sandwiches we’ve known of.

Moving on to the sandwiches – the mere looks of every single one will definitely get your appetite running. A resounding crunch welcomes us upon the first bite of the Lucky Cluck sandwich. The chicken is moist and tender, a far cry from the sandwiches we’ve known of. The vegetables from the coleslaw are crisp and fresh, too! Without a doubt, this alone is enough to give Lucky Clucks a try. On the other hand, the sliders are bigger than we thought as they appear like a regular burger.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 3.57.34 PM

We also didn’t miss the Chicken & Rice which is made up of crispy chicken tenders, biryani rice, crispy onions topped with homemade garlic mayo and chipotle sauce. Unlike other restaurants wherein the chicken breading often overwhelms the actual meat, each bite into Lucky Clucks’ chicken is soft, flavourful and succulent. It had a zesty flavour and a bit of crunch on the skin that goes extremely well with the rice. We would have to admit that it is love at first bite and we couldn’t really move on until now. True enough, the freshness of the ingredients radiates through each mouthful. Lucky Clucks never freezes meat as it makes for lackluster food. Nothing bottled, everything fresh

Lucky Clucks - Grand Opening-20

The pièce de résistance, however, is the Chicken Fries! The gooey cheese, classic French fries, crispy chicken bites, beef bacon and a combination of sauces are bursting with flavour. The side dish gives the usual fries a fresh makeover without overpowering the taste buds. For the lovers of all things spicy, the Fire Bird Sandwich, Chili Cheese Slider and Chili Cheese Fries are perfect for you.

Apart from the chicken dishes, Lucky Clucks also takes pride in its gourmet sauces that have been crafted to complement whatever you order. We really love the sauces! They elevate the depth of flavour and added different experiences when combined with the dishes. You can choose from 14 different flavours: Clucky BBQ, Smokey BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Buffalo, Lucky Sauce, Super Spicy, Sweet Onion, Ranch, Southwest Chipotle, Garlic Aioli, Black Pepper Mayo, Masala Mayo, Sweet Chili and Honey Mustard.

Lucky Clucks hits three birds with one stone: a restaurant that specialises in comfort food, a bang for your buck without compromising the taste, and a hearty meal that’s worth every dinar.

Bahrain’s newest chicken sensation is here, come experience it for yourself because it’s CLUCKing delicious!


For more information:
+973 1755 4400

Lucky Clucks is located at Seef Mall, Seef District and Reem Center, Riffa.