Check out this street photography experience in Manama!

You think you know Manama? Wait till you join this photography experience that will surely show you the city through different lenses!

On January 29, Maximize is holding a street photowalk with Jaffar Al Haddad. Jaffar Al-Haddad is a Bahraini architect and multidisciplinary artist. Recognized for his comprehensive documentation of his native country, Al-Haddad is devoted to elaborating the effect of the city in relation to the human experience. Through his creative practice, he aims to establish a sense of place, bridging the correlation between architecture and visual art.

Experience the following:

  1. Exploring the hidden architecture gems in the city of Manama.
  2. Understanding the shape of daily life in the urban fabric.
  3. Exploring the rich history of Manama City
  4. Learn how to capture all this using your mobile phone or camera.
  5. Knowing how to transform history into a form of art.

What to prepare?

  1. Your mobile phone or camera.
  2. Comfortable, weather-friendly clothes for the journey walk
  3. Your adventurous spirit!