Careem: What Moves You Moves Us

Ever wondered why so many Customers opt to use Careem daily over other services or even over owning their own cars? Let’s explore a few possible reasons.


What’s more convenient than ordering a ride from your smartphone? Just a few taps on the app and you can choose the type of the car, pick your destination and pay for it through your credit card or cash. And let’s not forget you get your receipts electronically too. You can even choose your favorite driver.


Earned or unfair, taxis have a notorious and almost universal reputation for poor customer service. Whether it’s late pickup, getting the runaround on the shortest route or rough treatment from a driver whose been sitting in traffic all day, we’ve all had an experience. But that’s not the case with Careem. All the Captains go through a month long training, background and security checks and continuous rating check to guarantee the best service and experience for the users.



Let’s face it, anything that saves us money is destined for greatness. When you get a premium service such as the one offered by Careem at the same rate as current transport providers our poc and let’s not forget that the price you see is the price you pay, which means no more surprises for travelers or the accountants who process their expense reports.


For Abdullah Minhas, who has been using Careem since the start of 2018, The quality of service and user friendliness of the app is the main reason he switched over to Careem. He said: “The app is really easy to operate and the rates are amazing. Just an overall great and fair experience”

And for Nidhi Iyer who started using Careem in 2015 when she was living in Dubai and continues to use it now in Bahrain, the pricing and the quality of the cars are the main reasons she uses Careem. She said: “An incident where Careem saved my day was when my mother had fractured her arm recently and I was picking her up and dropping her home from work everyday. This one time, I was at a shoot and I couldn’t get away so I booked her a Careem from my app and called the captain to tell him to call her when he gets there and explained that her arm was injured. He was really nice and actually went into her office so that he could carry her bags out for her and help her till the ride and dropped her till my front door. This was so amazing and so personal for me and my mother”.


When asked about why Careem, Ashwathy said: “I tried Careem after a friend recommended it and I thank her for that. Careem to me is the most affordable, reliable and fastest transportation method for my needs”.

Careem was founded with the mission to improve and simplify people’s lives in the region and ended up living every event, every trip and every crisis with us. Careem has launched a regional campaign under the title “What Moves You, Moves Us” for its users to communicate how deeply Careem and its Captain are touched by being a family member and making a difference in others lives.